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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Taurus Forecasts 2014

Learn about Taurus Horoscope 2014,Taurus Love Horoscope 2014,Taurus Career Horoscope 2014

Taurus Love Forecasts 2014: A casual feeling might change into something more substantial when these people will least expect it in January and February. You are most likely to feel attracted to an old friend, who was always around you in school or college time. Eligible Taureans will be lucky to get married in love with their old love mates in October.

Taurus Career Forecasts 2014: Profession might suffer due to much interference of a family member in their career. It is advised that these people better differentiate between their personal and professional life, else the result will be very bad. September will be the right month for those about to appear in job interviews.

Taurus Financial Forecasts 2014: Some sudden legacy gains will fall on the Taureans in the coming year that too from a distant relative living in a foreign city, who had no son or daughter. Make sure to be grounded to enjoy the legacy coming for you without any ego.

Taurus Health Forecasts 2014: Attention towards liver is required for the Taureans in the coming year, as some severe liver problem is indicated. Make sure to consult only trusted and reliable doctors to get proper treatment.

Taurus Travel Forecasts 2014: Many Taureans who aspire to work abroad will get their visa and a nice job opportunity to work either in Australia or New York in May or June. Newly weds will get to enjoy romantic tours or honeymoon tours to some exotic destinations.

Happy New Year 2014 to all the Taureans!!!

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